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CSA Yacht Charters COVID-19 Response
CSA Yacht Charters COVID-19 Response

CSA Yacht Charters is open during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. We are practicing safely in response to your inquiries using email and WhatsApp. For any questions or information pertaining to charter, we can be reached via email:

CSA Charter Broker attended the Newport Charter Yacht Show in June where she inspected all the yachts and met with the crew. If you are looking for a New England charter this summer, Contact Us for possible options. The video above showcases some "table scaping" done by the stewerdesses participating in the show.

Miami Yacht Show 2018

The Miami Yacht Show took place February 15-19, 2018 in Miami Beach and Watson Island. This boat show was a wonderful opportunity to view yachts for charter before you book your vacation dates. Contact Us to make an appointment to meet with us and see these yachts on your schedule rather than wait in line. CSA Yacht Charters is standing by to personally help you.

Caribbean Charter Yacht and Beach
Caribbean Yacht and Beach

The Caribbean hurricane season was tough on the northern islands of the Caribbean this past storm season. Some people are choosing to charter on the Leeward Islands of the southern Caribbean where there was no damage, others are still going to the Windward Islands of the northern Caribbean as the green foilage of the islands has returned and the waters are as blue as ever. Let CSA Yacht Charters help you decide what is best for your charter. Contact Us for more information.