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See below the information for the Florida Keys, a wonderful charter destination. Contact Us for personal service and knowledge of this charter destination.

The Florida Keys are world famous for tropical waters, great fishing, fun ashore and water sports. The Florida Keys offers something for everyone on charter.

The Florida Keys Earth View Map
The Florida Keys Earth View

For a Florida Keys charter boarding is usually done in southeast Florida at Miami, Fort Lauderdale or The Palm Beaches in the north or south in Key West and cruise the length of the cays.

Florida Keys Reef- Diving and Snorkeling
Florida Keys Reef Diving and Snorkeling

From the northern Keys the first key is Key Largo home of Pennekamp Park with excellent diving and the African Queen from the movie of that name. Dive shops and resorts are plentiful as the park offers first class diving and snorkeling. Fishing, too as well as all through the Keys.

Florida Keys Ocean View
Florida Keys Ocean View

You can pick your way through the Keys for marinas and anchorages taking advantage of all water sports or shore activities such as shopping, dining or night life.

Key West
Florida Keys Key West

Key West is furthest of the Keys from the mainland and world famous for the many things to see and do. The architecture ashore, the many attractions, the engaging sunset celebration, restaurants of all kinds, and super shopping makes Key West a unique and worth exploring. And still you can have all the water sports you want as the water is clean and clear blue.

Key West Architecture
Florida Keys Key West Architecture

There is so much to do and see in Key West it is worth two or more days on your charter.

Key West Sunset Festival from Mallory Square
Key West Sunset Festival from Mallory Square

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Key West Homes with Lighthouse in Background
Key West Homes with Lighthouse in Background