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Alaska- Sitka to Anchorage Itinerary

Charter Yachts Sample Itinerary

Please see below a Sample Sitka to Anchorage, Alaska Itinerary. This itinerary shows highlights of attractions and activities available on your yacht charter. You may customize your trip to match your preferences. Contact Us for personal service and knowledge of this Alaska charter itinerary. Contact Us for a colorful brochure regarding this area.

Alaska Sample Itinerary

Sitka to Anchorage, AK

Day 1, Sitka, AK - Arrive Sitka and tour the town for wonderful early Russian history and scenic views. Enjoy first dining aboard the yacht.

Day 2, Angoon, AK - Enjoy a cruise through the Tenakee Inlet to the village of Angoon. See the varied sea life of Alaska and the brown bears ashore. Walk the many beaches and enjoy the fresh air. Do some fishing for plentiful catches.

Day 3-4, Fredrick Sound, Endicott and Tracy Arm - Cruise the pristine waters of Alaska for incredible views and wildlife ashore. Take a float plane tour for astounding views of the glaciers, whales and more.

Day 5, Hidden Falls - Hidden Falls is the earliest known habitation of Alaska going back thousands of years. Ashore is the Hidden Falls salmon hatchery for a tour. Salmon and halibut fishing is a sure hit in this area.

Day 6, Petersburg - Petersburg was first settled by Norwegians and is known as "Little Norway". The area is rich in a fishing tradition and Norwegian ancestry still thriving today. We will be partaking in some of the local crab, a feast to remember!

Day 7, Anchorage - The largest city in Alaska, Anchorage is a float plane ride away to Mt. Mckinley, a must do trip. In addition, Anchorage offers shopping and all the other things that mark a return to civilization.

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