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Antigua to St. Lucia, Windward Islands Itinerary

Charter Yachts Sample Itinerary

Please see below a Sample Antigua to St. Lucia, Windward Islands Itinerary. This itinerary shows highlights of attractions and activities available on your yacht charter. You may customize your trip to match your preferences. Contact Us for personal service and knowledge of this charter itinerary.

Caribbean, Windward Islands Sample Itinerary

Antigua to St. Lucia

Antigua Beach Pirate lairs, primeval forests, French cuisine!

A necklace of glittering jewels couldn't be more spectacular than this chain of islands that are alike in their beauty, but completely different in their personalities.

Antigua, with its international airport, is the perfect starting point. It has a fascinating blend of English and island history featuring pirates, Lord Nelson, the Royal Navy a present-day island lifestyle that is at once lively and relaxed.

Head south to Guadeloupe, with its mixture of French and Creole cultures, and Dominica, a land of lush rainforests. Then there is Martinique, again with that French flair, and finally St. Lucia, where your first glimpse of the fang-like Pitons will remind you of "Jurassic Park". As you proceed down the Lesser Antilles, you'll find that they become more tropical, lusher and even more laid back.

These islands are a modern Eden and, if you've just arrived from a land of cold and slush, well, they really will seem like paradise. Best of all, the choice is yours. You can dance until the wee hours or you can loll in the onboard spa watching the night sky and sipping champagne. Each island begs you to stay but there's always another on the horizon, beckoning.

Day 1, Antigua - Join the yacht in historic Nelson's Dockyard at English Harbour, once the headquarters for the Royal Navy during the days of pirates. Explore the ancient docks or venture across to Falmouth Harbour to see the fleets of megayachts. Shake off jet lag with a sound sleep in your stateroom's luxurious linens.

Day 2, Guadeloupe, 61nm - Visit Jardin Botanique de Deshaies, a gorgeous botanical garden with a 50-foot waterfall. Elsewhere on the island, you'll encounter brilliant parakeets, not to mention flamingoes. In Pointe-e-Pitre, you'll find ornate French colonial homes and a hurricane-proof metal church.

Caribbean View
Caribbean View

Day 3, Isles de Saintes, 23 nm - This cluster of islands has charming bays, where the local fishermen, the descendants of Breton corsairs (pirates), wear ribbed hats like parasols. The snorkeling and diving in these waters is fantastic.

Day 4, Dominica, 19 nm - Columbus wouldn't find that much had changed on this island he called "Sunday". From the anchorage in Prince Rupert Bay, venture up the Indian River into the rainforest. You can also visit hot and cold waterfalls and the second largest boiling lake in the world.

Day 5, Martinique, 63 nm - This butterfly-shaped island has a passion for food (French, of course) and romance (those French again). Roam the empty beaches, sample spicy local fare ("blaff" is fish fried in spices) or bet on roulette at the casinos, if you are so inclined. This island is about music: jazz, reggae, Zouk and more.

Antigua Caribbean Beach
Antigua Caribbean Beach

Day 6, St. Lucia, 23 nm - This island is so beautiful, the British and the French fought over it 14 times. You will see the twin spires of the Pitons long before you arrive. Golfer alert: A challenging 18-hole course is near the marina in Rodney Bay. Dinner at the award-winning Dasheene restaurant overlooking the Pitons is the perfect finish to your charter.

Day 7, St. Lucia - Transfer ashore to the airport.

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