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San Blas, Canal, Las Perlas, Panama Charter Itinerary

Charter Yachts Sample Itinerary

Please see below a Sample San Blas and Las Perlas Islands, and Panama Canal Itinerary. This itinerary shows highlights of attractions and activities available on your yacht charter. You may customize your trip to match your preferences. Contact Us for personal service and knowledge of this charter itinerary. Contact Us for a colorful brochure regarding this area.

San Blas and Las Perlas Islands, and Panama Canal Sample Itinerary

Panama Map

Day 1 - You will be met by the VIP service at Tocaman International Airport and taken to the VIP Lounge while your luggage is collected for you. Transfer to your yacht takes about 50-60 minutes. Depart for Las Perlas of the San Blas Islands, passing the entrance to the Panama Canal.

Day 2 - San Blas Islands- Tropical Paradise & Kuna Culture
San Blas is known as Panama's gold, emerald, coral and lapis lazuli necklace, the quintessential tropical paradise. A chain of 365 islands and keys is extending over 160 km along the Caribbean Coast from the Gulf of San Blas to the Colombian border.The cultural integrity and heritage of the Kuna people and the spectacular San Blas Islands present a distinctive biosphere of amazing human and natural beauty. A cobalt and turquoise sea speckled with coral gardens, palm islands with white sandy lapels and thatched-roof Kuna villages. One of the world's most magnificent archipelagos and barrier reefs.

The realm of the Kuna, Kuna Yala, an autonomous territory, is clearly one of the last unexplored outer limits of the Caribbean. 80% of the islands are uninhabited. The self-governing Kunas are zealously protective of their environment and way of life, one of the few pure races existing in the world. A people of great simplicity, pride and charm, they still conserve their traditions and beliefs foremost of which is "Gran Madre Tierra" or Mother Earth who guards, provides and keeps all in balance.

The Kuna women stand out in this beautiful landscape, with their colorful dresses and beautiful blouses, handmade from the world famous Molas. Considered a unique craft and one of the most beautiful indigenous garments in the world, Kuna women spend countless hours stitching the colorful reverse-appliqué cotton "molas" which are the basis for their dress. In many ways the women are the guardians of Kuna culture. They also wear colorful beaded ornaments on their wrists and ankles, while chains, pectorals and gold nose rings complete their everyday dress.

When visiting San Blas Archipelago you can experience unique cultural interaction with the Kunas' rich language, beliefs in myths, and the value they place on tradition, all of which are communicated through their beautiful dance ceremonies. Drinking fresh "pipas" and dining on coconut rice as well as the superb, abundant seafood help integrate the guests into this wonderful world. Meet the "Sahila", or community leader, who will explain their values and why life for them has changed little over time.

The tropical waters of the San Blas Islands invite all types of water sports including scuba diving, fishing, snokeling, Stand Up Paddleboarding, beach exploring and all the fun endeavors a yacht charter can offer.

Day 3 & 4 - Panama Canal
After breakfast Captain will start to sail back to Colon. Our slot to go into the Panama Canal probably will be around 6:00PM so be prepared for many emotions while passing through this wonderful work of engineering.

Days 5 & 6 - Las Perlas Islands
Find complete relaxation and enjoyment in the Las Perlas Islands. Having crossed the Ismuths of Panama, feel the warm waters of the Pacific for more water sports in the many anchorages of the Gulf of Panama. A BBQ on the beach, fishing for incredible numbers of fish make this area one of the best fishing grounds in the world area all offered.

San Jose is the second largest of Las Perlas Islands, with 44 sq. kilometers, located in the middle of the Gulf of Panama and just 90 kilometers away from Panama City. It can be reached by boat in approximately 3 hours.

Over 35 splendorous white coral, ebony black and radiant gold beaches and coves surround San Jose, embedded between the temperate and calm turquoise and blue waters of the ocean, and the lush green vegetation that covers the whole island over gently sloping hills which peak, at the north of the island, to 440 feet.

Day 7 - Enjoy a leisurely 4 hour sail to Panama City for departure.

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